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Ok, first of all, I know the whole thing about not making disney/pixar what have ya cakes without permission but.....that aside how much would you all charge for a lightning mcqueen cake or and mater cake 3d for 30 people...need some rough estimates...if anyone has made them before that would help
Okay there was a request for the browning symbol on top of a cake standing will be out of gum paste and hardened. It will also be do you all suggest I get it to stand up on the top without it falling over?
I live in nowhere Missouri lol that's why it's so hard to price things at times...people around here think they should get a 3 tiered wedding cake for $150. Just the way people are around here....some people understand how much time goes into things some people don't...
I had some icing turn up tasting really funny & realized I used salted butter! Wow, it was not good!
That's what I was thinking about the toppers, they should be fairly easy since they are mostly cutouts...she said something about having silk daisy's on them..
Okay i forgot the
Hello, a lady wants something similar to these, she wants 100-150, red velvet with cream cheese frosting...I haven't a clue how to price them!
Thank you for the reply...I thought so about the copyright, I was just kinda wondering a price to tell my sister around what that could have cost if she paid for it... Anyways, thanks a bunch
Hello, made this free for my nephew & have no idea how to price it for's 11 x 15 sheet cake..
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