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I left for the weekend and kept the bottle on the counter , part of it actually melted. i had made it out of the sugar/corns yrup half/half mixture, what temp should i be getting it to? I was going for the darker color so it matches a beer bottle..What temp does the sugar and or isolmalt need to be at? I have since bought I somalt but not sure how to make it without distilled water. Can I use the corn syrup like the sugar recipe? It has been very humid the last week what...
I made the 1/2 sugar half light corn syrup and boiled it in the microwave I wanted to make a dark brown beer bottle so i cooked it until it was brown and then poured into my mold making it into a beer bottle it has been about a half a day and the bottle is still sticky. Is there anything I can put on it to get it less sticky? How can I prevent this from happening in the future?thanks!
very neat, I will have to try that in the future!
is there a way to make sugar paper?
Was atchinga cakeshow and someone mention sugarveil.what is it and what would someone use it for?thanks
thanks so much I am learning so much from this website!
ok, thanks I will have to order and hope it comes in quick, the sugar recipe comes out yellowish and I am trying to make clear ice. thanksif you know a good (less expensive) place hopefully I can order online and get it quick!
looking for how to make edible pain to paint on fondant or paint cake thanks
can i find this at micheals or ac moore?I dont have enough time for shipping!
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