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Wondering how many days in advance I can start with frosting a cake and starting to decorate it? Also its going to be like 90 this weekend when the cake is due should I put it in the refridge before I go?thanks
Just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who helped me along. I've only been decorating cakes for 2 months so I needed it. anyways here is a pic of the final productTHANKS
I thought about making the seashells from chocolate but I'm worried about the chocolate melting its been quite hot latelyif the fondant dries out is it ok to add glycerin? or corn syrup thought I heard that on a cake showthanks so much!
wondering which each one is better for. I'm a novice but amd diving in head first making a beer cooler cake for tomorrow and a beach cake with edible seashells next week
wondering if I need to do anything special to the sugar bottles that I made when I put them on the buttercream cake. as it is I'm having an issue with the sugar bottles kinda melting a bit. Any suggestions?thanks so much
Can you remelt a sugar based ?
thanks! I hope it stays clear!
I made some clear icecubes and noticed some of the white isomalt balls didn't melt all the way wondering if I can remelt it and remold it?Thanks
Trying to make some bottle caps for a sugar bottle. Help please! Thought I could use pearl dust to paint it silver but not sure what to make it out of or how. Thanks
I know I asw this somewhere but i can not find it anywhere again!what is the recipe I think it was isomalt and corn syrup? and what tehmp to get it to?thanks so much!
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