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Ok I've watched tutorials but I am still not sure the difference between and when to use dowels vs stacking vs tiers. can somebody explain the concepts and when to use these ? thanks
thanks so much this cake is going t be beautiful
I meant where would I find out if i had to be licensed?thanks
where would I find out this information in Massachusettes?thanks
I made half half gumpaste/ fondant molds and they are still a bit soft is it ok to put them on the cake? or should i be waiting until just before it is due?
will the crackers or cookies become mushy from the frosting?Do I need to wait until the last minute to add the sand?thanks
I was planning on using brown sugar as sand on a beach cake , I was wondering if I put it on buttercream if it will alter it in any way? its going to be humid and about 70ish the other thing i am wonmdering about is will it melt? or tuen hard as a rock?any suggestions welcomed thanks
I've made some molds out of half and half and having difficulty getting them to completely dry . will they always be a bit soft? Will putting them in buttercream alter them at all? Will the butter cream be enough to hold amll pieces to the sides of the cake or will i need to use royal icing? thanks
When do you need to start worrying about support for the cake?I'm making a two tier cake and wondering if i need to do all of that?only 30 min ride but it will be warm out.Also what do they put under the cake when they go to stack it?thanks
trying to use them with cornstarch at bottom but getting excess fondant on sides do I need to use a scalple to get the rest off or is there an easier way?
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