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how do you frost it and such if the cardboard is the same exact size?
SO cake never touches cake? there is always a type of cardboard between the two cakes? thanks
wondering where I can find sanding sugar?
Wondering if there is anything I can do for frosting that is already made that is too sweet?
wodering what the best place to get basic info to start lerning about the process would be- thanks
personally I would color the chocolate with the color first. If you take some of the white and mix th dye in it it will change colors. paint it into the letters let them dry then pour the white over the top of it.good luck
wondering how to prevent it and how to get rid of it once it occursthanks
thanks wondering if you have any preferred modeling chocolate recipe!
I want to make my frienda pooh bear figurine to put on top of a cake. THe problem is she lives about 2 hours away so i wanted to make it about a month ahead of time . So My questions would be what should i use? modeling chocolate? rice krispies? fondant? Would i need to refrige it? Any suggestions would be great ! Thanks
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