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i'm making a devils cake. One of those doll cakes so indeed the frosting to be a light color so I can make a pink dress. But I want a good frosting flavor not just boring vanilla. Any suggestions? Thanks
What is the best way? Thanks
Lol the origional mug has melted atleast anothernhalfminch lol, ineven tried putting them in my bedroom theba dehumidifier on. The otherntwo inmademlook ok ish, but are very sticky. I will try that today, thank you so much for your time , I will cross my fingers it works. it's a shame becausetheynalmost look like the real thing until you touch them lol
I didn't add any water, just a bit of corn syrup to make the wet sand consistencyIt start not being as clear when it goes over 300 degrees is that normal? I ran out of isomalt and the cake is due tomorrow eve. Any sugar recipes and instructions that I should use? The only other thing I can think of is it has been 80 % + humidity lately. Thanks
Does the Splenda recipe harden well? Or sticky? I am trying to make beer mugs and ran out of isomalt and even that is sticky ugh... Heated it up to 300 not sure what the problem is. Any insight? Thanks
Would like to make a floating beer cake for my brothers birthday but can't seem to find anything more than pictures. Thanks
pretty sure not enough time to order onlinesigh I tried the cornstarch but it stuck to the isomalt and actually burnned it in the center? that was wierd?What kind of molding can I buy at a craft store?
I've been trying to make snowflake molds for isomalt for the last two weeks. I tried using different patterns in playdough but having a tough time. is there something better to make a mold? or do you think a regular craft store would have baking silicone molds? how can I tell if it will hold up to the isomalt?What temp should I be aiming for ?thanks for any advice ... the cake is due the ed of this week so I'm running out of time! UGH
Going to uses apricot preserve as filling wondering if I need to put simple syrup on the layers around it (I've seen this on shows) and if so how to make it I've seen atleast 3 different ratios for sugar to waterthanks
I'm making a darthvader mask out of rice krispies and molded chocolate. i made black chocolate no problem but I also need to make chocolate silver for some of the mask. Any ideas? thanks
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