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Ok everyone!   I did purchase a food scale, and did the actual weighing of the ingredients instead of mathematical calculations (3lbs=48 oz=6cups) and 3 pounds of powder mix was equivalent to EIGHT cups.   For anyone that wants to use the 50# Pillsbury bakers plus Devils Food mix for small amounts of cake (this made 28 cupcakes)   1. 4 cups of powdered mix (should weigh one and a half pounds);   add 6oz. water;  mix on low one minute, scrape.   2. Then add 5 more...
Maybe that is what I did wrong-I measured, instead of weighed the ingredients.  I will pick up a food scale this weekend and try weighing.   Thanks Dear!!!
Thanks for the break down of the water/oil additions!   I followed this, but my last (ok, my first!) batch came out as though I added waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much water, and it fell as soon as I took it out-even after an extra ten minutes of baking.   I am no professional baker, but I can follow directions very well!   Ideas??
I have 2 ways of packaging the above treats, but have had 1 of each tip over on the customer during transport. I don't know if it was the packaging or the crazy driver! How you you package your cupcake bouquets for transportation? (as in the customer taking it home)How would you package your flower pot cake for transportation? (as in the customer taking it home)THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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