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you could also pipe royal icing or buttercream into space and smooth out with fondant smoother or another item that will not damage fondant.
I have done several special occasion cakes (fondant and buttercream) but never a wedding cake (besides the time at school). My question is how do you practice making a wedding cake? Meaning if you make a three tier cake what do you do with it? I have used dummy cakes but i want to make a real one.
Was looking though the dept of agriculture "home processor" info and was wondering if anyone has gone through the process. If you have what borough or county you are in and experience, Thanks!
thanks for reply. do you think i should fill the mold all the way so that the cake isn't that "thick"?
I need to make a "bible" for a communion cake. I have to get the book mold but my friend wants a filing. I was wondering how to achieve this without having to tort the cake.
tried pink/rose from wilton and deep pink from specturm ateco. any other that would give me a deep hot pink. I want to buy Duffs electric pink but it is expensive and i am don't want to spend the money and have same results as others. any ideas.
I have been asked to make a banana filling for a cake that is going to be be "wrapped" in fondant. They don't want buttercream. Has anyone have a recipe they can share that will hold up to fondant. I saw one here that I like but know if it will hold. Thx
I would do the same as prior poster. I would also make two hearts and "glue" them to each other on the stick so to hide the stick and give it a 360 feel, jmo.
Thanks for the reply..
I found a great recipe for a white cake but it only makes one 8in cake. I need to make two 12in cakes, any ideas how i can accomplish this???
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