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Hi I use renshaws decor ice  coverpaste purchased from the cheapest place I have found. postage is free if you spend £70   good luck  and have fun caking
home bargins are 79p for a box to hold 12 a great bargain and decent quality too.
hi if you have a home bargains store near you they sell cheap cupcake boxes in sixes and twelves. also try or ebay 
Hi i use a 6 eggs and 12oz of everything else to fill my giant cupcake pan hope this helps
hi i always cover my cakes with fondant before placing on the fondant covered board.i also cover the board in fondant and cut the cake board shape out of it where i want the cake to be on the that when you put the cake on the fondant covered board the board that the cake is on lies flush with the fondant covering the board.hope this makes sense.  
you could make the head out of rice crispie treats they are lighter than cake although it would still need supports.
Hi have you tried much cheaper.just compared prices on a pack of 5x12inch cake drums and cake-stuff are £7 cheaper.not sure how they compare on postage though.
Hi can anyone tell me how to attach a draped string of pearls to a cake like in the picture below.thanks for any help you can give      
hi i get my cake boxes from
Hi cupcationsthe seller i bought mine from on ebay does not have any listed but if you search giant cupcake boxes on ebay quite a few are listed.if you dont find any let me know.
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