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I finally managed to bake it with 130deg fan assisted:D without burning the edges and the middle was cooked completely
I urgently need your assistance regarding the wilton soccer ball pan. I baked the cake in my oven (fan assisted) at 150 deg for more than 1 hour. The outer cake was over cooked and the middle remained raw. In my oven i cannot bake cakes with a temp more than 140 deg otherwise they overcook and my cupcakes peak. With temp 130-135 deg they come out perfectly How can i bake the soccer ball without having a raw middle and overcooked sides . Please please...
I use the callebaut fondant and add gumtex or cmc to it.
Thanks for all your responses. I finally found that it was the type of fondant i was using that was not helping. I now use imported fondant which is of a much better quality than the local one that i was using and the molds work out just fine.
Thank you for the information. Appreciated
I have recently bought the americolor air brush colors from the UK. It says on the bottle that these are not edible !!! How can this be used on sugar if not edible ?? Could you please tell me which airbrush colors / brands are edible ?   Thanks
Your info is so helpful i will be making a mask of the Joker and my 1st attempt failed because i couldn't separate the modelling paste from the mask.I will try again.
Ghana thanks i will try that too
Thanks so much for the advice. I have attempted them once again by putting them in the freezer for a short while otherwise NO WAYS do they come even if i use crisco or oil. The back part of the mold comes off first. When you put both molds together do you glue them with syrup or water ? i find that they dont really join together so well. I suppose the more i practice the quicker i will find a solution.Why couldnt they have made them in flexible silicone . . . soo much...
Thanks Ladies.Just another question. Do you stick back and front together to set or do you make set them separately and stick them together after they come out of the mold?
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