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you could stick a bambo skewer into the board then bulid a small mound of rice crispies around that skewer to fit in the hole of the cones then put a little royal icing to make nice and secure;0 good luck!
Thank you guys for all your suggestions! your the best!!
I was just hopeing to hear from all of the wonderfull CC'ers out there that have created there own tower for a tangle cake. If you have anything that you think would help me I would love to hear from you. What you would or would not do again, pictures, anything at all
The weather can affect it! I teach classes and it gets so humid in the classroom the girls could not work with it. I had to bring in a huge fan for the class room to be able to help with the humidity. You can add a little bit of corn starch to it or just some more powder sugar, since it has the cornstarch in it Good luck!
wilton has a flexable mold that has a small bow that might work for you. I belive it is in the same mold that has buttons. Good luck
I would love a cory as well please brandy.
Hello everyone!!I am hoping to create some cakes for a poker run that benifts a little girl, for them to auction off. I am hoping that some out there can help me with instructions on how to do the motorcyle / harley jackets I have seen on here. Any advice, links, directions, comments or sugestions would be very helpfull! Thank you Brandy
I have seen mini puppy cakes. I am pretty sure they are made out of mini loaf pans or a coupple of cupcakes but I was just hoping that some out there has made some and would be willing to share their secrets with me I was also hoping to find out what tip or tips that may have been used to create this. I as hoping to make these a s a donation for my daughters school as a fundraiser. Thank you
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