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Thank you SO much for posting this, I'm trying to make superhero figures for a cake and this really helps me. Thank you!
I made royal icing (egg whites, confec sugar, lemon juice) last Friday. I'll need it again next Friday and Saturday, but my recipe says it will keep for 5 days in the fridge. Will it still be good on Friday or should I freeze it? I've used it before when it was about 10 days old and it was runny and messy. Any advice? Rather not waste it...would it be good if frozen and then defrosted when I need it?Thanks in advance!
Thank you all so much. All tips and info is duly noted. Hopefully I'll have cause to make another cake of this size soon so I can try these methods out! Thanks!
Yes, I put each individual tier in the fridge overnight before covering with fondant. I didn't put a weight on them though - what do you use as a weight?I rolled the fondant to 1/4 inch, but I don't think I rubbed it on enough.
Thanks for all this info, I REALLY appreciate all your expertise. Yes, most of the bubbling was on top, and the rippling was where the two cakes join, and on the bottom half.I did cover the cake when it was cold, so that must account for the bubbles (I had no idea, self-taught, no-one to ask!). I used a meringue buttercream and once I crumb coated it I put it in the fridge overnight. I covered it the next morning, so I guess it was too cold. But wouldn't that be enough...
This has happened to me twice now- I made an R2D2 cake for my son's birthday. It was two 6" cakes on top of each other, about 10" tall. I covered it with Satin ice fondant and it was perfect. Came back to it 30 min later and bubbles were forming - it was humid so I thought it was that, put pin holes in them and tried to flatten. Didn't work. It started cracking, then started rippling. I'll try to post a pic. I made a 'Plex' (from Yo Gabba Gabba') cake last year (same size...
Hi everyone, I'm new to CC (and cake decorating) but I need some help! My mother-in-law wants a cake with a custard filling for her birthday, but I want to make a shopping bag cake - not too big, probably about 6 to 8" high. Will a custard filling be sturdy enough for this type of cake? Does anyone have a good recipe for a custard filling - I've never made it with any great success, so a bit nervous about getting the texture right!Thanks for your help!
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