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It's the best tool I have ever purchased.  Love it
If you place the elmo cake on the sheet cake, stack it like you would any tiered cake.   Dowels in bottom sheet, and elmo on a cake board that rests on the bottom dowels.   Make sure to put icing on the underside of the Elmo cake to help adhere it to the board.   Refrigerate well and transport very cold. You can get a sheet cake box that holds in the coolness.
I would use an 11 x 15 sheet cake and place the elmo cake on it (like a tier)  I think it would give a cohesive look.
There shouldn't be any ripples.   Make a wax paper template of the side of the cake.  Roll your fondant onto wax paper template.  Trim the fondant and lift the wax paper against the side of the cake.  You will have one seam in the back that can be made to look like a seam in the plastic bucket. Then put a band around the top of the fondant sidewall, and place the cover on the top of the cake.  Are you doing the characters also?  
That's a tall order.  Those characters are very specific. I have made fondant mixed with gumtex figures weeks ahead.  Your downside is that green fades terrible, so you have to keep them in the dark until the day they go on the cake. 
 his new car, pharmacy, gym, his dog, Donald duck, his lute, he loves FC Barcelona, and his famous singer that he loves...   Is he a pharmacist? What type of car?   And how many hours are you able to contrubute to the decirations.  Once I have that info, maybe I can suggest
In looking at your designs, I think they lend themselves to basic cuts.  Do you want specific shapes of the characters.  I don't believe I would go that route. Basic oval, circle, square and flower seem to work best in my opinion.  Butterfly is easy to find
are you decorating with royal icing, or just baked cookies.
On the center of the cake I put the healthy eating plate
There are a lot of tutorials. I have pasted the links to 2 of them   Do you belong to the website "My Cake School".  If so, she has a GREAT tutorial, but there's an annual fee to belong.   The task is to make individual rose petals by cutting the circle (petal) out of fondant, and then use a ball tool to frill the edges.  Once done, let it set for a few minutes to get a...
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