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You don't need to do candles.  Do mini LED lights or fairy berries They look great and add a nice glow. How about not worrying about the desserts and make one nice table centerpiece that unifies the theme. Did they pick a color scheme for their lanterns?  That's another way to approach a tie in
Is the theme those wishing lanterns that get released, and fly up into the sky?
Thank you all sooo much.  You are amazing
As soon as they are baked, wrap them well and freeze them. 
The cake I'm looking for is very cute.  Usually it has fondant cherries, and also fondant is used to look like filling that is oozing out between the layers.  It's a very cute , maybe cartoonish type of cake.  Often it has what appears to be dollops of whipped cream that the cherries sit on.  But even the whipped cream is made of fondant or chocolate.  Sometimes it has what looks like extra large sprinkles.   I don't know what to call it so I don't know how to do a...
The item is 5 times as high as it is wide.   That means if you make a 6" cake, it needs to be 30" tall. Do you want the entire thing to be cake???   How many people is it for?   First figure out how much has to be cake. Then we can figure out which parts to make in styrofoam. 
Crooked cake tutorial
I would absolutely refrigerate. It firms up the cake and settles the buttercream nicely.  I would usually do my fondant the day before.  And again, after the fondant is on I refrigerate.
Fancy Diamond Quilting Marker 3-in-a-row
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