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The 3 cakes are very similar.  It depends on your skill level.  I think the last cake (the white one) pops because of the rainbow colored Happy Birthday banner.  If you can't do that, I don't think the white has a lot of POP to it.   The first cake, the 2 tier, has a rainbow in the sky since the top tier is blue with clouds.  Do you want to make 2 tiers?   Sometimes it's good to figure out what you do best.  Make the cake work around your skills. And make it work...
Your facial expression is spot on.  Usually that's the hardest part. I would use a combination of fondant mixed with a bit of Gumtex.   Don't overthink it.  Get a styrofoam piece to stick your skewers i n.  That will be the base you work on.  Put wax paper on the foam. It just takes away the chance of anything sticking.  Get two wooden skewers and first make your feet and legs.  Let them dry.    Then add the torso.  Put a hole in the torso for the toothpick that will be...
You have the same printer that I have. Mine works fine.  Is it possible that it's clogged
Satin Ice hasn't changed their recipe.  I spoke to them recently by phone.  No changes.   They are a very nice company. If you call them with the batch number they are always there to listen.  I do not work for the company. I have just had a lot of luck with their product
Making a nice cake board really adds richness to any cake.  Make a larger drum then the cake. Cover it in fondant.  wrap the sides in something that compliments the cake
I think doing her wedding is a disaster waiting to happen unless she pays you for delivery.  Anything short of that and I would have to somehow remove the burden of ANY transport damage.  It simply id too unknown.
would love the directions
I may be wrong but I don't think using a word is a big deal at all.  I'm sure some people would disagree, but I use words like Kleenex and Bandaid all of the time.   Sometimes I think the copyright do gooders get carried away. 
I have found that it takes longer to do that part ahead. I think the scales will be harder to glue on when dry. When they are fresh and damp, they will adhere without sugar glue 
This may sound silly, but why not just use what she like - The "  whippy Betty Crocker frosting in the little tub".  Your talent in baking and decorating will shine through, and the frosting will be "spot on" with what she likes.  No need to divulge your recipe.  
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