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But isn't that really a 5 tier cake that happens to have two 8" tiers (one on top of the other)?By the way, the cake is lovely.
Its a PME Rocking horse cutter
It's completely understandable to be nervous. And its good that they contacted you now so the nervous energy is not a shocker close to delivery time.I assume you are not going alone. Remember that your outer self doesn't have to show your nervousness. I looked at your photos and you are very talented. Instead of stressing, plan every detail. Trays/boxes for cupcakes. Containers for candy, Emergency cake repair kit in a pretty container. Camera just incase you get the...
Bluehue,Thanks for finding that. Amazing
When do you need it?Can you post the pic or email it to me at they have to be gumpaste, or does the couple want to keep it? If so, polymer clay lasts longer by a long shot.
I found this picture online. Is this what you are trying to make?
How much in advance can I make this? A small 6" x 6" RKT pillow covered in fondantIt's for a cake topper and will be a RKT pillow covered in fondant . A tiara will sit on the pillow.I already made the tiars out of gumpaste.
I assume you are talking about a polo helmet.Do you have one?Do you want the one you make to be life size>Is it a decoration or the actual cake??
Thanks for the response. I have a lot of things to make and only a few people want "permanent toppers" which I make out of polymer clay. The gumpaste figurines take time. I like making them when I have a free calm moment.Do you use fondant/tylose, or gumpaste?
Chocolate Bavarian Cream by Henry & HenryHas anyone tried it???I need opinions please!!
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