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Do you know what % of your business sales are from walk-in clienteel = cupcakes and cakes not pre-ordered. custom order clientele - special order cakes and cupcakes   Sometimes we keep on going on the treadmill and don't see where our $ comes from.  I think providing more information on your business would help
what type of wedding cake?  Complicated details, flowers, etc
I use an airbrush.  The quality of the coverage is first rate.  Painting and dipping doesn't come close.
I use the SPS or coast system for stacking and always deliver the cakes fully assembled.  This cake was delivered Saturday, fully assembled.  It was over 1 hour away.
The hill and or the lorry would be like a second tier on top of your sheet cake.   You would just create that truck or hill, place it on a cardboard cake round (that you cut to fit under the truck or hill) and place dowels beneath. There would be no weight on the sheetcake.  All the weight would be transferred to the bottom board.  
A lorry is a bus, right?  Sorry but I'm guessing here.   This is a bus cake I did years ago.  It was really easy and fun 
First off, I'm sorry this happened to you.  I have never had fondant melt, and you appeared to  put so much work into it. I would have given a 100% refund Try experimenting with that fondant.  You never want it to happen again and I'm sure it was very upsetting.  Was the fondant white to begin with?  Did you add food coloring?
I store it in a container with a lid to keep the light away from it. I do not make it air tight.   I am not in a high humidity area so that  is not really a concern.  I add Wilton gumtex to the fondant so it gets a bit harder. Funny, that's the only wilton product I use.  If you are in a high humidity area make a bed of rice at the bottom of the box or container.     
I would add a bit of Gumtex to my fondant.     The time ahead that you can create it is unlimited except for 2 things.   1 - Make sure you store it away from where ants or other insects can get to it and 2 - Purple fondant fades Green can also fade a bit.  .  To get around it is you can make the tower completely before, but I would add the roof and flowers and vines close to the date.   
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