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Google search " gumpaste boots".  There are a ton of pics
I would treat it as a tier, and set it on a cake round.  BUT I would adhere it with Museum Putty. The groom can approve it.  It is used on valuable pieces, holds great, and causes absolutely no damage.
Yes, fill the cauldron with a ball of foam.  Get lime green candy (or fondant balls) .  Make a really cool witches leg thing and be done.  You can do the topper way ahead of time and be a calm and collected party host.  No need to frazzle at the last minute.  And it's a cute thing to save for a few days after. Plop it in the middle of a dish surrounded with cupcakes and you have another family celebration moment.  Cute and easy. 
Why does the topper have to be edible.  It's a topper. I would get a cauldron at the craft store.  If you want it to have the "sugar look" cover it in black fondant.     In my experience no one eats RKT toppers.  
where are you located.  There has to be a CC member out there near you
If you place fondant decorations on buttercream cupcakes it is best to do it as late as possible. It would have taken 1 minute to place them on when you arrived. 
I always use Wilton Gum-tex for bows. I like it much better then tylose powder.  It's the only wilton product I use
I would not make it from one piece.  I think the details will make it or break it. Make it out of RKT , in at least two parts.  Cover that in chocolate melts, and then coat it over in thin fondant.   Make your separate pieces (bumper, lights. door, mirrors) in a refined way and attach at the end. 
wish we had it in NYC
Delete it.  Do not respond. And yes - leah is right. Raise your prices
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