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heres a video for buttercream transfer
depends on the look you want.  If you want a solid look, do buttercream.  My preference is piping gel.  Maybe this video can show you how piping gel goes on to smooth whipped cream
Does that mean that your fondant sheet is laying on parchment paper WITHOUT any crisco under it? What holds the fondant to the parchment?   Gosh - this is amazing either way.  Can't wait for your response.
I need suggestions of the best pans to use to make individual mini cakes.  As I glance through many pics, I see that the y all have different tops.  Some are more domed.  Others are straight sided and flat topped. I can't figure out what kind of pan was used to get the domed tops like the first picture Can anyone offer suggestions         
I know the ivory/gold tiers are little circles.  I'm asking about the purple tier???????
I need to find the cutter that makes the tall twisted cuts (painted in gold) on this cake. The circles are also in question.  Is that a cutter or just a circle with a pressed in design?
It really depends on your budget and her desires.  Does she want one huge (Lifesize) Barbie like Tori Spelling did?  Or does she want a regular size Barbie princess cake incorporated into a larger cake? Did the client have her own idea?
 airbrush for sure
Change "Sweet Inspirations" to "Gallery" And make it a part of your main menu.   Also, add some cake pics on the other pages.  It's great but no pics.   Also, City and State and areas you service should jump out at people who find your site.
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