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I think it is probably the same cutter used to make the roses. I'd think you'd have to dry the petals a little so they'd keep some kind of shape and gravity wouldn't pull them down. Just my thoughts.
A couple of things come to mind, is the word written in pencil it may not be written dark enough to see, the second thing, if you have the projector that has the square box on top and the round lens on the bottom of the box you can turn that lens to enlarge or reduce your image if it is on the reduce it may just be too small. Hope that makes sense. Keep trying you will love it.
Publicity goes both ways, good or bad. 
Did you use distilled water? I almost overlooked that when I made a batch.
I don't know what your decorating level is but have you applied at any bakeries. You could build both your skills and your funds until you can afford more equipment. 
love this cake by the way
Don't the pedals get in the way lol Do you mean passenger side?
I'd use 2 inch deep pans to bake the bottom and 3 inch deep to bake the top layers that would give it a 4" and a 6" height. 
Thanks Jason, I had only planned on freezing for a day or two. I need to deliver on Saturday early a.m. for a Sunday p.m. party. I am new to gluten free and understand the importance of no cross-contamination. The cakes are for a soon to be niece who has celiac disease and I want her party to be special. Thanks so much for your response.
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