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You can also find some Gold dust or Silver dust and mix them with a little black to get the tarnished look. It's a beautiful mask! 
I'm not sure your recipe, but I add a tsp of corn syrup or glycerine to my batch of RI and it keeps it from cracking.  It makes it a bit pliable if all you're doing is filling the transfer, no details. It also keeps strings from breaking if you're doing hanging work. It will not make it dry shiny as in glaze icing.  Maybe it'll work for you?? HTH   Lorrie
You might be a hobby baker but your work looks professional so I don't think anyone is going to be harsh!  Great job on them!  
Saran wrap will look fine if you spice up the stick like using a ribbon where the wrap meets the stick and taping it so it's tight against the cookies.  I've used wrapped cellophane for cookies and I buy the one that says "FOOD SAFE" right on the label.  It's a bit more expensive and I have no idea if it's really made any different than the others. The only reason I buy wrapped is when I want to seriously seal the bag to the cookie and I use my heat gun to do that.  I also...
You can always try! I've never shaved gum paste but you can try using a sharp knife to scrape away and see what happens.  It could work! 
The tools you need depend on the type of design you want to accomplish.  You can use kitchen utensils as tools, also.  You don't need to go out and buy a bunch of tools you may not use. I should know!  I went out and bought a Wilton kit that had about 6 or so small fondant tools.  It was $30 and I rarely use anything in it.    You can use a paring knife or small sharp knife that can work for cutting as opposed to buying a cutter specifically for fondant.  You can use...
If you put fondant in the fridge it will form condensation on it when it comes to room temperature.  You'll have to let it sit out for a couple of hours. The condensation will cause whatever you've painted with to run and may ruin your hard work.  If possible don't put painted fondant in the fridge if you can help it.  If you do, DONT touch it and let it come to room temp for a couple of hours.  It will eventually dry. 
I've looked for some here but I couldn't find any.  I found someone who will cut acrylic to the dimensions I give but I've yet to do that because he's very expensive. I would love to be able to order some online! 
I love using Liz Marek's fondant recipe.  It's a no fail fondant, I find.  I've worked with fondant before and this one has the most play time before drying and cracking.  You can make the entire thing 3 days in advance. I usually don't do that unless it's a wedding cake with a lot of decorations.  If the fondant sits too long on the SMBC it may start to dissolve or break down even being refrigerated, but I could be wrong.  For a cake like this I would make and decorate...
I don't think you have to carve much.  The body looks bigger than the Wilton ball pan.  You can use pyrex bowls to bake in.  The head looks to be near the size of the Wilton ball pan and carved a bit to get that shape.  The nose, legs and ears/horns look to be made of fondant.  You may need to carve the head a bit to get that shape but not much.   That's my advice if you don't want to carve much.  
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