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Did she have a contract with the bakery?   Surely she should have paid for it by now - maybe they are 'kicking her to the kerb' because she didn't pay up or hold up her end of the deal.   If she has paid - did she receive a full refund?   My advice to you is to stack up some dummies -  and serve some kitchen cake To attach the bling to the base sounds easy enough..... until you realise that perhaps your cake & covering aren't TRUE square and you end up with lose floppy...
You do all realise that the original post was posted  more than 2 years ago,  right????? OK if you want to continue it as a game ... but guessing whoever was after the info has either figured it out or tossed it out !!
But then again, maybe your intention was to direct traffic to the youtube video???????
I find typing what you are looking for into a Google Search a good place to start
Actually the rest of the world thinks its OK ....... it IS only Americians who have this huge fascination with UPSIZING & HUGE food portions
The blade guards should ALWAYS be in place unless you are actually slicing........ anything else is just plain STUPID!!
Deal ON..... send me your recipes!   I LOVE fruitcake
Maybe splitting hairs to some.... but IMO the cooking method does affect the texture  and does make the fruitcake more pudding like.   Some people may confuse MOIST with PUDDING-LIKE...... guess if you are happy with the results - then all is good Traditionalists would cook a pudding in calico in simmering water - which gives that lovely pudding 'skin'.   Traditionalists would also probably NEVER use a pressure cooker to cook their fruitcake...... deosn't mean it...
Merry Christmas to you too Apti - Dubbo is only halfway to the Boonies!! hahaha I am at the base of the Blue Mountains before you climb over to Lithgow and head on over to Dubbo. Bondi in the early 80's - we probably drank at the same watering hole !!  My sister was with Johnson & Johnson bit later than that and with Pfizer now.   It really IS a small world  - and STILL hot here today too!
Believe me - THIS is not chaos - this is one of the BETTER 'How to Price' threads .... and purely because of the way you reacted -  don't change all that by now saying....  oh I think you are all mean and I didn't expect that. This is a handful of people giving their opinions -  there are no right or wrong things to say.You asked a question...... you received some info that was not what you expected - surely THAT has to be a good thing - your eyes were opened to a...
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