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Which is exactly why I said the responsibility is not YOURS alone
haha - don't worry - it will NEVER take off in America....  very little fat - no transfat - no chemicals - no growth hormones..... OMG!  OMG OMG
nah.... roos are pests! LOL    we EAT them now hahahahahaha - sitting back waiting for the uproar   :P
hahaha - Drop bears must onlly inhabit the East Coast...... (more tourists!)Or they were killed by sharks while surfing in WA  :P 
An Esky !!   yep!   NOT a chilly bin, NOT a cooler......  a fair dinkum Aussie Esky and don't fill it with that crap beer we save for tourists either.LOL - scrumdiddly.....   Aussie thong is the rubber kind.... although the plain old daggy ones are being phased out as the 'Havianna' brand takes hold.We'd rather have the thin bit between our TOES than between our CHEEKS!! hahahahaha
Steer clear of tacky......     THIS is what I meant with the Aussie Thong theme
This responsibility should be shared...... you should NEVER just believe what somebody on the internet tells you - always check your own local regulations.I see it all the time here - most Americans here on this site (and others) offer advice all the time and do not take into consideration different locations, whether it be for weather, produce or anything else.    Heck, even though the rest of the world uses the Metric system - it's like WE should convert the recipes for...
LOL......    although probably LOST on AussiesDrop Bears only attack 'tourists'
C'mon you are an Aussie! Summer + BBQ=  what???    bloody FLIES!!!!! A giant blowie!   hahaha  - I wish I could dig out my OLD OLD OLD cake pics - I could post you a pic Not your cup of tea????     The old Aussie Flag thong/s Google Image has 1,000s of ideas to choose from
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