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I wasn't run off by any bully brigade - I am not that easily intimidated.   I just got sick an tired of the DRAMA and made a conscious choice NOT to participate.Surprisingly  enough I have discovered there is life without CC ...... wow imagine that!!!   and it is GOOD 
Nah .... he plays with his OWN organ !
8 cubic inches of cake?????   oh ma gawd
C'mon sister....  spit it out..... you know you can!!
Sorry - I think we live on different planets.....   everytime I read one of your posts, I feel I need to read it backwards or look at it the mirror  -  maybe others find it easier but I always find I sit here going..... WTF is THAT about??
A chef that needs training in baking????   obviously a SLOW - learner   -   forget it !!
Yeah.... they are worn.... its how we keep track of how many bottles of champas we have drunk !!    bwahahahanah  NOT a joke and yes they do REALLY exist - can't say I have ever seen anybody wear one where I live - but if you are anywhere near the Aussie Ouback you will see an updated version......  more likely to be a hat with 'netting'  -   bush flies have to be seen to be believed .... and if you are in tropics the mozzies can eat you alive!
oh no - NOTHING like chicken....  its really quite gamey - probably a combo of beef steak and venison.(for us older Australians it can be harder - it used to ONLY be used for pet food - and I can still remember that dreadul smell when my parents used to boil it up for the dogs)  Thanks goodness it has changed - sold in all major supermarket chains now - along with Kanga Burgers, Skippy Snagsbut crocodile DOES taste like 'fishy chicken'   and ... emu ??  like chicken you...
  GOSH -  I am actually sitting here LAUGHING  .....   if you READ what I said again..... maybe the CLUE words might be ........    MAYBE your intention .......NO accusations there!  MERELY a 'humourous' suggestion.... it DOES happen on here ALL the time - the posting to redirect traffic!!  I don't understand your ... get bent  - obviously a local cultural thing!  - but sounds like whatever you meant was SPAT out in a nasty wayYou know what? ..... this is ONLY the...
Just do a big Australia shaped pav!   there won't be ANY complaints
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