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Contact your local Council - they will direct you in everything you need to do  
Very rarely does ONE person sit down and eat the ENTIRE cake - and it isn't metallic colouring
There are about 3 threads on here somewhere with pages and pages of info - on this cake
OR people could view things with a much HAPPIER frame of mind ..... and ASSUME they were joking! WHICH happens all the time with people in real life.   WHY...... when given two choices people on the internet .... ALWAYS take it the mean the WORST??
What is the definition of  SNARK?  
The day that funny, witty, heck even SNARKY comments, such as those made regularly by Godot, become something to be frowned upon will be a SAD SAD day for CC. This swing to ... 'wrapping everybody's feelings in cotton wool'  is NOT something unique to CC - it has become a problem in everyday life - it is a global epidemic. People have no resilience any more - everything is called BULLYING - when in fact it is often merely a different viewpoint or a different...
wah wah wah ..... if you were NICE - you would Google for ME !!
that would be me!  I started replying thinking you were on the other side..... then it dawned on me... we were both on the same opinion...  so I hit the delete buttonThere have been a few like that this morning..... one from FromscratchSF  (that I agreed with!!)-disappeared like a bride's nightie!!
  THIS reply could be written by  500 long time members.......
Forget the bloody baby pool for the newbies......   lets have a Godot Glenn   - a place where all the rude, know-it all, meanie-pants  can hang outOn a serious note.... when did CC start being ONLY about what newbies want?Just out of interest ..... do people REALLY think that the ONLY reason experienced decoraters come to CC is to 'help' the newbies??In a time where everybody is wanting to get paid for every single piece of information they divulge - it seems pretty...
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