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I have done rainbow layer cake much te same as you have - I just inserted 3 bubble tea straws - through all the layers to keep them in place - nothing squished or shifted   If you are using the side sprinkles - its best to to crumb coat and then a thicker layer of buttercream - let it set up fairly firm - you can then roll it in sprinkles in a tray  
Remember Australian serving sizes are HALF as big as US ones -  1inch x 1inch x height of 'standard' cake (4inches) - when you do an extended tier (such as in your example) you in fact have a 3 tier cake where the 2 bottom tiers are stacked on top of each other (there are dowels and board hidden internally in that base tier) A 9inch base x 2 + 6inch will yield 138 serves A central dowel (12.5mm) glued into  base boards - all HD MDFwill make it stable if you need to...
I think they will be fine - normally you only blanch them to remove the skin. Here is another recipe if you are interested.
I think it does come down to personal preference - there are good AND bad ones out there.   I have a few that are good and a few that are bad!   the bad is because the mould is not level - so when you scrape over to remove excess 'flexipaste' types of sugarveil products - there are areas of the mould that lack the detail - or areas will break because they are not as deep as rest of mould.
You are asking if you should worry about wasting FOUR DOLLARS????  Wow, I bet you have wasted more than that on a big Texan hairdo In all seriousness though, (cause you KNOW I was joking, right?)   I wouldn't even ask here - you will get half of the people freaking out because it is from China ... (hello!!  the rest of the world is equally as scared of EATING things from the USA - that you quite happily eat AND worse, don't even want to know that it might not be good) ...
Jennifer Dontz used to have the oval shape in her 'Diamond Quilters' range
Yes, its meant to be quite a thin batter. Don't try and cook it in bakers rings!  :P
With an Aussie accent it is ga-NASH 
awwwww - what a nice thing to wake up too!Thank You
If you are intending on eating the entire layer of fruitcake (and not hoping to 'preserve' it)  then white chocolate ganache is fine -  you can add spice to the cream and a dash of brandy so that it tastes like brandy butter. You need to use a fair bit of pressure with your scraper to ensure any holes are completely filled You can most definately cover the top of the fruitcake with a cricle of fondant, before placing the chocolate layer on top (a disk of parchment...
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