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oops - leah_s........ you ARE the pygmy ! 
Rolling out fondant caused bruising on your palms??Gosh, I must be one tough mother!!  LOL Seriously I need to understand HOW this can be -are you kneading your fondant? are you a pygmy trying to work on standard bench heights? are you trying to do it sitting down? what sort of rolling pin are you using? what bench surface are you using? Honestly - NOT poking fun at you - but rolling fondant is one of the LEAST physically challenging jobs in cake decorating.It HAS to be...
Would you take an order for one at that price? Or do you have a minimum order.You are in Australia too ??
I would not make that cake HERE in Australia for UNDER $200    
You may have been lucky - perhaps your UK climate played a part.The quickest way to get a massive blowout is to ganache a COLD mudcake.   when the cake comes back to room temperature it causes air to want to be expelled and the ganache forms such a good seal it is like a balloon self inflating under there!I am with Chellescakes on ths - always ganache a room temp cake.Besides I can't see how you are getting a smooth coat with the ganache - it must set almost instantly -...
I had no idea what you were talking about when you said 'caning'  - I felt sure it was going to be taking a switch to some dastardly fondant or something !  LOL I too just refer to it as patterned paste - even heard it referred to as millefiore I do variagated ivy like this too
The top one is a ruffle tip
Rice paper - and you will find a complete tutorial in one of the Cakes & ********** magazines UK
You will find different sites good for different things - I am yet to find ONE place that has EVERYTHING I need at the best price. You need to shop around.   UK has great cake stuff and a lot of the sites will automatically deduct the VAT at checkout for International Orders - I've found the postage normally is about the same as what the VAT would have been
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