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Inkscape is a free version of Photoshop - but youi'll still need to know what you are doing...... defiantely QUICKER to pull out the pencils !!  :P
Gaaaahhhhhhh - you are JUST jealous that you can't market these......   Snow jobs in Arizona???About as likely as SNOW jobs in Sydney ..... in summer !At least there isn't a big blow fly on it ....... or it would be a ..... BLOW job     
Flog 'em to the coeliacs........ they ARE gluten free !!
Patricia is going to Boston in February to teach this
This is the type I use for fondant NO complaints.....   like anything you need to look after it - I have a quilted bag that it lives in .... don't just chuck it in your drawers with all your other metal gadgets - you will damage the wood surface and you will get marks on your fondant. I hate silicon rollers too - they get too much...
Was it Elegant Lace Moulds?  I think they are no longer in production  :(
Nope - not the pigs nostrils!  haha
I remember it -  it was the first time I heard your voice !
Don't worry .... plenty of people keeping your seat warm !How's business?  selling loads of those stands? 
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