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Oh I know you will LOVE it  -  Jessica Pedemont travelled to USA and did a class for this Madhatter -  Jamie did the class and I know for a fact she paid LOTS more than this.  I know online will never take the place of a hands on class but for some people THIS is as close as they are ever going to get.Jessica is a super fun person and she is really thorough in her demonstrating techniques  - these are great videos -  I have done the original Planet Cake class - and think...
5 years have passed....... and now for the first time there is an ONLINE class for the Madhatter. Just released today -
I see so many of these sorts of questions on here and have to admit I just don't understand.... WHY - take an order for something you don't know how to do?   WHY not just say ..... that's not something I am familiar with - can't help you - SORRY   Its not like you are seeking advice for one step..... its like EVERYTHING WHY, why would you do this?   and think it was going to be successful  
Do the same as you did before then...... AND add the cost of the fondant - and any additional time you spent using fondant as opposed to what you normally useI know it sounds simple......... it IS !!
Easiest and cheapest???? Go the Invisible Man..........    its there!   its really there!!    Won't cost you a cent and so easy you should be able to figure it out   :P
Don't get TOO excited Jamie - I bet she didn't mean for GOOD !! 
SO true - I have tried to say as much over the years -  People need to realise that you CAN make a cake that won't fall over, be lop-sided or collapse WITHOUT using SPS system.  People in all parts of the world do it on a daily basis.The 'secret' is learning the proper way to construct a cake - no stortcuts - no looking at a picture on Google and THINKING you know how it is done.  No substituting your latest mai-tai cocktail for the filling - no using cakes what are as...
Way to a man's heart is surely through the stomach...... but sadly they ALSO seem to place a lot of emphasis on the packaging!   hahahaDon't worry about what it looks like - take your top off when you hand it to him !!    bwahahaha
No need to leave it - you CAN eat it straight away (once cooled - unless you want warm broken bits to munch on)I think something got lost in translation when Aussies try and explain that a mudcake with ganache filling & coating can last 1-2weeks ..... and STILL taste great - doesn't mean it doesn't taste good on Day 1  :)You can slice and ganache as soon as the cake is cool -  often I will make the ganache whilst the cake is baking and it will be good psreading consistency...
If you change ingredients in a recipe - ie substitute AP flour for cake flour you will get an inaccurate result. Baking is a science - with each ingredient performing a function If you want to use AP flour - pick a recipe that uses it .... like Auzzi provided
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