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Hi! i used the billowing technique on a purple cake in my gallery. I used fondant and tylose, based on my experience and the look I prefer I wouldn't make them in advance, just because I was going for a flowly look, not a more structured pattern.
I just wanted to say that I make my butter cream on the stiff side when I pipe, and I HATE the taste of crisco. I haven't tried some of the recipes that fellow CCers rave about, so I am not sure if I hadn't just had a good crisco recipe? Aside from that I use an all butter recipe, and have gotten that texture to pipe cupcakes with before....I just use the ratio 2:1 for butter and PS. So 1lb of butter to 2lbs of powdered sugar. I salt and flavor to taste. good luck!
Oh Leah S. you never fail to make me giggle. I grew up working in the restaurant industry, I know what a clean kitchen is and what a kitchen looks like to pass a HD inspection. I have 5 dogs and a cat. I make cakes for all my friends...knock on wood, no animal dander. I practice strict kitchen rules, no kids, no pets, and a thorough cleaning before I bake or decorate. OP lock that silly dog up next time you are working!!! =)
I HAVE, I HAVE!!!! I've been to 3. In my area, we have 2 winners within 10 minutes of each other. And for the third it was in Manhattan Beach! I'm gaga for 2 out of 3. =)
I went through a serious MMF issue recently and switched recipes...the exact recipe that was given to you OP, use it! I love it! And I've used Satin Ice, Wilton, FondX, and really with a good recipe, I feel like you are getting the same quality. Another tip I read recently...make sure not to over heat the mallows.
Oh my...this is pretty amazing! We find out wether its good April 10th?
I think your logic on this subject is a tad flawed...just because I have a hammer and nails does not mean I could build a sturdy chair, just because I have electrical wires and fuses does not mean I am an electrician.Having tools at your disposal does NOT mean you are an expert, How you pice together your work is what makes you an expert. Just because I have wonderful stencils doesn't mean I can stencil very cleanly...exhibit A my most recent purple cake! it was a mess!!!...
HI! My sons 3rd bday cake was Transformers, in hindsight I would have used a template for the decepticon/autobot faces...So thats my advice if you go with those classic logs, save yourself the headache and use a template!!! good luck!!!
Lori! FromScratchSF has an amazing tutorial on SMBC, also there is a you tube video that is incredibly cheesey, but full of nice little tips, just google "how tomake SMBC" and its the first video that will pop up. I have read conflicting reveiws about the powdered egg whites. I always wisk the egg whites and sugar over a double broiler and as it starts to get frothy, dip my finger in, if the sugar is disolved, the eggs have been pasteurized (but from what I understand that...
Hi! I am a new kid too, and I find myself sometimes biting of more than I can chew...are you new to scratch baking? or are you doctoring boxes? Have you tried getting the hang of butter cream before you went to fondant? It seems like you are just beating yourself up with all these new amazing things you want to try! Give yourself a game plan or curriculum =) and then stick to it. "I will not try that recipe until I master this one" "I will not try fondanting a cake...
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