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Probably a stupid question, but when they said internal supports did they mean anything including dowels/straws or did they just mean like fixed supports? That first cake looks like some kind of anti gravitational miracle of it has no supports in it at all!
I just wanted to say thanks a lot again to cakeyouverymuch, the pie colour turned out pretty good. If I had taken more time it might have looked even better but I was happy with it anyway. Thank yoouuuu don't know how it'd have ended up without your help and u forgot to write it in the description
Thanks Diane, I like the pearls idea, and the rose. I just did a kind of random colour theme, but I'm getting either a twilight or alice in wonderland queen of hearts type thing from it so a white rose or tulip I guess would go ok. I've never made a tulip though so rose it may have to be haha. I was also thinking of going to buy a star spray from the cake decorating place in town and spraying it silver or making it black and white. I just cant decide. Think I will try and...
If you have any ideas it'd be greatly appreciated. There's no particular theme to it, its for my friend and I wanted to try a wavy cake, so she got a wavy cake. I'm just stuck and its still so boring. I only have about an hour. Here is the picture of how it looks was thinking maybe a red bow around the middle, but I actually don't know if I like that idea anymore. I don't really have time to make any figures as...
Lol well I'm not a brilliant decorator so please don't expect too much! You've made me more nervous now haha. I love sweeney Todd too. Johnny depp, Helena bonham carter and Tim Burton=brilliant
Oh yes I see what you mean! thanks, I'll try that! hope it turns out ok. thanks a lot Jenny
I'm making a pie cake next week (meat pie, not cherry pie) and want to do it with a slice missing. My main question is, do you cover the "pie" in fondant first and then cut a slice away and then cover the exposed part of cake, or do I cut a slice out of the bare cake and then cover in fondant and try to work around it? And what would be the best way to make it look like the filling were coming out of it? Just make a few bits out of gumpaste and pile them up? (its a sweeney...
This is not a template, I don't really know how you'd use a template to cut an actual 3d cake? Anyway, this is the cars cake I made, lightning mcqueen was not that big he went on s base cake but you can always go bigger. I used a toy car as a guide. As this was only my second cake I wasn't on cake central so posted it on a different, Jenny
Thanks, they look great! I hope I can get it right! I really need to think about investing in an airbrush.
I thought so, guess I'll be making a poor imitation then with my paint brush and a sponge lol. I'll have to have a practice first. Thanks
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