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I've just been flicking through someone's eBay items who I buy from all the time and found this, its pretty expensive at about £163 but I just wondered if anyone had it or had used it? I hate piping cos I'm terrible at using both hands. I did wonder if this might make it easier!
Well, I decided to just try a thick glue and it actually worked lol. Turned out it wasn't as heavy as I thought.... thanks for the suggestion
I'm making a 1920s themed cake so I have some fringe to attach around the top of the cake. When attaching ribbon around the bottom I use a tylose and water 'glue' but I don't know if that would hold, I was also thinking of using pins, but as this is for a new years eve party I don't want to risk any drunken people forgetting about them and eating one! I'm about to add the fringe and ribbon then probably go tp bed lol so if you havr a suggestion please let me know or I will...
I got the small one with two blades, I cant remember the exact name of it lol. I'm so excited. I've been levelling cakes this week with a knife (it already feels so old fashioned...) and looking wistfully at the cake decorating bits and bobs cupboard as if it will magically appear lol. I also ordered 'The Mat' over xmas and am about to use that for the first time! Gift wise I have to say this has been the best christmas ever lol. I did think I probably wouldn't pay so...
This may not warrant any level of excitement for many of you, however, I think it is possibly the highest level of excitement I've had all year haha. I Just had to share with some like minded people, because nobody here understands what is so exciting about a cake leveller from america that cost me £200.... I hope it comes sooooon!!!
Thanks so much guys, I can't believe I didn't even think of turning it over! I always do that with my top layer of sponge cakes! Silly me hope I can get it looking smooth!
fI guess this question is more based at the british folk as from what I understand its a more british thing? but generally to anyone who likes fruit cake wherever you may be from...Its my sons christmas fayre at the end of the month and they are taking donations nearer the time for a cake stall. I decided to decorate a cake for either cake stall or a raffle prize or whatever. Anyway, with it being christmas I wanted to make a christmas cake, plus it means I can bake and...
I had the same request at one point so this is what i did, its not brilliant. It was one of my first cakes, but I loved it at the time... Http:// just tend to think about what the mother might like, such as a baby theme or a belly or thongs more to do with adults. Then I just look around for elements of cakes I like and see if I can fit that in somewhere.HTH Jenny
I made my mum an anniversary cake in September and made roses, instead of putting them on the cake I stuck the board to a small stack of cardboard squares smaller than the board the cake was on, then stuck that onto a bigger cake board and put the roses underneath. Like the cake was sitting on the roses. It's probably not what you're after but its an idea.... its the blue and pink cake in my photos
Is it even possible to make an 'over the top' 'awesome' cake for 5-8 people? When I started doing this as a hobby, I was surprised at the amount it actually cost to make a cake, and the time it took to make it, yet even before that I would have priced it at more than £20..
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