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I do think that that is true. I set up the facebook because I thought it seemed like a good idea for free marketing really, and it seems very popular (most people I know know the name of main competition) I think I will have to do more market research into how to reach the higher end of the market, as I know from my extended family especially a lot of them are not on facebook but would look for a shop if they wanted a cake. Am I over charging though? Or are those other...
I've recently started doing a business course in my local area, with the intent after it finishes of becoming a registered small business. (I thought I may as well as I was working on enough cakes to start a small business, and I thought if I get more orders I can learn more stuff ) Anyway, I've set up my facebook page a few days ago and have had a couple of enquiries for cakes. For an 8 and 6 inch two tier cake I have charged £60, the last 2 I made I gave them the price...
Yay, brilliant, thanks so much everyone! Best get one ordered
oh crap.... sorry my brain is mush
I've just sent someone a picture of a lovely cake I suggested just to give her some ideas, after she agreed to it I realised that I have no idea how to do the effect around the top of the cake! I dont even know what it is called and had never seen it before until quite recently! Could anyone help me with a name or better still a tutorial or a basic idea of how to do it please? Do you use the shell tool?Thanks in advance!! Jenny
Oh my gosh, thats so awful! I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. What a tragedy.
I was supposed to take it out this morning, to defrost today while I was on a course. Now its almost 4, and I've only just taken it out. should I decorate and leave to dry off or should I let it defrost for a few hours then decorate? Its for tomorrow so I dont want to have it still soggy when they pick it up and I dont know what time that will be!
Thank you for the replies So if I freeze them they can be decorated frozen and that won't affect the buttercream? I'm going to bake them tonight but I'd like to freeze them even if its just for a day!
I've been asked to make a small amount of cupcakes for my step-dads dads funeral on tuesday, but I'm not sure when to bake them. I've never actually made cupcakes to decorate before (would you even believe it!) I've baked them with my kids but they never last longer than a day or 2 in my house so I dont know how long I can bake them in advance and they will stay ok for. I obviously want them to be nice on the day! I only get to do cakes in the evenings, so would sunday...
Thanks so much! I'm not entirely sure which it is, i only hired it, but I think it may be the sports ball... i will have a look anyway! Thanks again
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