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Any suggestions on colors for a Hot Dog? somewhere between brown and red?and how about the Bun color? somewhere between tan and yellow?thanks!!!!!!
Getting ready to do the John Deere tractor cake, what color green works good for the "John Deere Green"? Also, need advice for the black wheels, my black usually looks grey, and i'm afraid the icing will have a bad taste to advice is appreciated
Any ideas/pictures for Luau theme cake?
How do I make a brown buttercream icing, when I use a brown icing color (Wilton), it turns out a tan color, even if I add Hershey's coccoa mix.
Looking for pictures of cakes with deer on them for my manly man's birthday Thanks!!!!!
My royal icing (stiff) seems to "melt" and doesnt hold it's shape. What am I doing wrong?
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