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Thank you all for your helpful comments.  I like to have some fondant in my decorations as I think it holds color better than just gumpaste.  Last night I made small samples of 50/50 gumpaste/fondant and 2/3 gumpaste to 1/3 fondant.  I think the 2/3 to 1/3 will work well.  Seems to harden and color is good.   Thank you again for all your comments.
I added. 2 1/2 tsp to 26 oz fondant
I am trying to make a cowboy hat for a birthday.  I am using the Wilton new Preferred Fondant for the brim, but can't get it to harden.  I added tylose, but didn't help.  Can someone tell me what to use for the brim of cowboy hat...
Whenever I color gumpaste and it dries, it is so much lighter than the original color. I just tried using about 1/3 gumpaste to 2/3 fondant in peach. Nice color when I started. After it fully dried, it was so pale. How do you keep the vibrant color when using Wilton gumpaste?
I ususally check the cakes daily, but this wew format is so user "unfriendly".  Don't like it.  Found it hard to post and didn't know what "community v personal v default" meant.  Have to search around to find directions.  Also had a hard time finding Favorites.  Most is hidden behind login area.  Wow...not good...big learning curve !!!
I am using Wilton red gel. Trying to color gumpaste. I added a lot of gel, but color seems to me to be more of a light pink red, not a real Valentine red. Also noticed that as the gumpaste dries, it lightens up. How do I get a Valentine red color when using gumpaste?
I purchased CK's Confectioner's Glaze and Thinner to put on small gumpaste/fondant items. Can someone tell me if confectioner's glaze is edible??
Thank you for the replys....
Can I quilt a cake frosted with Crusty Buttercream or can you only quilt on a rolled fondant?
Somehwere in the Cake Central forums I saw an article about how the baker cut a piece of a soda bottle and used to to round the top edge of a cake. Can someone please help me in finding the article"""
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