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Hello! I use Cake Boss for my pricing. Do you markup your material cost? Right now I have The materials priced at what I pay plus shipping. Should I be marking them up at all? I do markup preordered sugar flowers by at least 200%, but was just wondering for my day to day items like cake boards, boxes, fondant. Thanks all!
Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has tips or thoughts as to speeding up the cake quoting/contract process? I feel like by the time I'm done answering emails/calls, designing, quoting, emailing contracts.... it eats up so much of my time I don't even feel like going downstairs to bake, which is what I love to do the most! :) I use Cake Boss and I individually analyze the cost of each cake. It just is so heartbreaking to spend all that time and then they can't afford...
I was thinking $200. $100 to cover the cost of mine and my husband's meal/drinks at the wedding, then $100 for an actual gift...
I hate to just turn around and give her a check ...but good point about the price spread.
Hi everyone! I like to give a discount on the wedding cake as a gift to my friends who are getting married. Does anyone do this? And how much is appropriate in your opinion? I have a $900 cake next week and its not a good friend that i talk to on a regular basis. but I do adore her.
Yes, howsweet. it does. I currently have mine set to $15/hour. I was thinking of upping it to $ work is worth that. I'm just nervous! Will people pay?  
Just curious:   What is everyone's hourly rate? and do you have a minimum cake price?   Right now, I use Cake Boss Software, my rate is $15/hour and my minimum cake price is $150. I feel like with all the extras I have to do (ingredient shopping/bookkeeping/emails/quotes) sometimes it just isn't enough!
Thanks! I'll be careful to be more consistent with batter amounts/baking times/cooling times next cake! Thanks everyone!
So, I baked a five tier wedding cake. I baked two 14' square layers and when I stacked them during icing.....once was slightly bigger and I had to trim off about an inch of excess! I baked both layers in the same pan! This has never happened to me before. I am thinking it may have to do with how long I cooled the cake in the pan before removing it??? Any ideas?
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