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Nevermind.  I took a chance and added some skintone color to it, and it subdued it enough so it isnt' so blinding.  Not perfect, but I'm not looking for perfection.  :)
So, all I have is like a sunshine yellow color.  Icing is very bright yellow.  This is the yellow I'm going for:   Should I add just a drop of orange?  I'm scared to mess it up.   Thanks.
I have milk that has a sell by date of tomorrow.  If I bake my cake today, how long is the cake good for?  Is it just like if I'd used fresh milk?   I plan on freezing the layers for 2 weeks, which is when the birthday party is.   THANKS!
I also have the doll wonder mold pan.  I think that might come with a metal piece to bake with.  Perhaps I'll try using that?
No, I've never used either before.  The cake pan is very deep with a small diameter.  Would a heating core be better, since the flower nail would be buried by the cake?    Should I try baking it at 310?   Yes, it was on the center rack.
So I decided to just cook the base of the giant cupcake first.  I saw that a lot of bakers had issues because the top part needs less cooking time than the base.  Even baking the base separately, the sides burned, yet the middle was not cooked thru.  I baked for around 1 hour at 325.  Any clue?   I guess what I'm thinking is trying the candy mold of the bottom, and then filling that with carved 6" cakes.  (I know people say to use 5", but all I have is 6".   Any...
Great!  Thank you ladies!  I bought some bamboo skewers, but I can do spaghetti instead.  Good to know.  
I am planning on making 1 or 2 swimmers for a 6" top tier swimming pool cake.  I also want to have two legs sticking up like someone is doing a handstand.  I've never done sculptures before, so how much of the toothpick do I need to stick into the cake to keep things standing up.  The people may not even need toothpicks.  They may be able to just be placed on the cake.  I plan to use fondant with some gumpaste, so they should harden.  I'm most curious about the legs.  I...
I'm thinking gumpaste. I've never made a cake topper before. Is it possible to make a 3D one? Or should I stick with a cookie cutter and make a flat one. What do I attach to it so it will stick in the cake. How far in advance should I make it. They want a name on it. Should I use gumpaste letters to put on top of the megaphone? Can I use buttercream and write the name on it before the party? Do I use pure gumpaste or 50/50 with fondant? Thank you!!!!
Replying to this so it's in my history. I need to do a Barney cake this summer, I think!
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