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how do i make such sharp edges like in this fondant cake
i live in texas where the weather goes crazy. we have not moved. that day in paticular there was a bad storm outside. and i was out of my normal flavoring that is thicker so i had to go with a thinner flavoring. maybe I will try one with the same flavoring but less water to see if that was it.
I have always used the same recipe for marshmallow fondant and now for some reason it is sticky. I cant smooth it with a fondant smoother. the smoother just sticks to the fondant. and it sticks to my hands bad when making animals when it used to not stick. I tried adding more powderd sugar and then it became crumbly. what could possibly be the problem
royal icing or color flow? what do you prefer to use for decorated sugar cookie cut outs? and why?
i plan to make some easter cookies this week. will be using the NFSC recipe that i must say is a fantastic recipe by the way. i have not done color flow before. what are the things i must know about color flow, big dos and donts. and how long will it dry? the wilton recipe says 2-3 days. but if im doing them on cookies then the cookies are not fresh if they have to be out for 3 days.i have a pretty good amount to do and not much counter space. ive watched some video just...
i use the shortening and flour like grandma used to use and it works perfect every time for me and is cheaper.
Omg seriously... I won't make a sculpted cake for my daughter. Just like I won't make a cake with sculpted figures on it. My question was other ways ie part packs but I can't find any at out bake shop for angry birds. Stop being an instigator.
Sorry was meaning to harden for crumb coat. And to cover with fondant
I only have a 11x15 and a 12x18 pan. so I should do one 12x18 chocolate and then another in vanilla cut down one side on each of the longer size so they are straight side by side and lay them next to each other? i dont think a full sheet cake pan would fit in my oven. how do i go about icing this cake? i normally let my cakes sit in the freezer to get the icing to firm so i can do the crumb coat and then a couple more layers to make it smooth. if i cant get the cake into...
what size is a full sheet cake and how do i go about making a half vanilla half chocolate?
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