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Baby Potters and Zelda in pink diapers or if you have a baby mold do like others and dress them up put a wizard hat on one and little soward in by another,,, that kind of stuff
yup I use it every day there too.. It is Betttercreme by Rich's   etsy has lots of diffrent molds for alligators
TY so much I will look into that...
I have a friend who lives 1 state away and who is turning 50 at the end of this month. I would love to ship her a cake but need some help and ideas on how to do it.  I think it will be a 6 or 8” cake. I will be making a Chocolate Mud Cake covered in Ganache then fondant (figuring this would be a nice sturdy cake). I am going to hand paint (diluted colors with vodka) and out line in Black royal icing (stained glass effect). No Gumpaste flowers afraid they would get...
I'll be testing it out tomorrow... can't wait I hate having slimmy hands when I separate eggs
I used Sharon's and love it... I changed it by using 2 C. butter and 3 C hi ratio but fallowed the rest to the T it worked like a charm and almost no air bubbles in my icing!!!!  I was so happy I could have kissed her if she was here!!!!!
My friend sent this to me today I don't know if any of you have seen it on facebook but I wanted to share.. what a cool way to seperate eggs
oh no!! it is so good!!!
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