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Looks like a cereal bowl would get that shape and size.
I would hallow out and area in the head ( ice cream scoop size) crumb coat it with BC then a layer of fondant to make a pocket fill with your fake blood place a slice of cake over to cover then crumb coat as usual then fondant/modeling chocolate.
double chocolate, orange dreamsicle, chunky monkey
To dry you flowers/petals/leaves don’t spend a fortune on formers go to your produce department in your grocery store and ask for the inserts that the apple, oranges and other fruit come in they are perfect… 
I was reading through the old thread it someone said to get the shiny look to do it on a report sheet and not parchment paper. I don't know how it will make a diffrence but I will try it.    P.S. Dora looks a lot better
Jen I would also love to try your White Chocolate fondant Please and Thank You.
Not now but next time melt diffrent colors of the candy melts together to get the right shade. maybe 3 white 3 flesh and 1 brow would be right... I will be playing at this in a few months for my grandson I think he will want a Deago cake this year.
around the sides just like you would with the strips. 
You can use your dish towles (wet) and safty pin them around your pan in place of cooling strips.
I found this about a year ago and wish I had time to do it maybe this will help you some.... vidio is on yahoo under 3 headed dragon cake then click on vido tab(if link wont...
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