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Hi everyone!! Need help!! Im makung a 15 years cake that needs to have a big 15 standing on top, i dont have large cutters, so im making the log/snake kind, and im ok on the 1 i think, but i cant get the 5 to im remaking them, but need suggestions on how to... Numbers will be about 3 inches tall, and i will paint them silver when done... Pls help, cake is due monday night!! Thank u!!!
I suggest you don't do MMF but the regular rolled fondant instead... it works out great every time! This is the recipe I use over and over:2 lbs 10x sugar1/2 cup glucose 1 tbsp unflavored gelatine2 tsp glycerine1 tsp flavoring (almond, vanilla, or your preference)1/4 cup waterIn a water bath mix the gelatine to the water, then stirr until liquid. add the glucose, flavoring and glycerine, and stirr until the liquid is clear and no lumps are in. Add this to the sugar, and...
I am new to airbrush, my dear husband bought it for me, but I have no practice using it yet... can you girls give me tips on how/where to start?? thanks a lot!!!
thank you Christin, yes, I was talking about that crumb/buttercream mixture some people use to get the cake smooth before applying the fondant, not for sculpting...but I guess I would be better off if just applying buttercream alone, right? thanks for replying!
thank you so much Denise! I do use regular pans, I have not seen the round bottom in stores in my country (Honduras), but I will look for them. I was not checking the leveling (you can tell I'm a newbie, but with lots of desire to learn), and yes, I think my fondant was too thick (3/8"). I have a cake for this week, I will take all your tips into consideration! thank you very much for sharing your experience! have a super blessed day!
I have a question, how do you make the crumb mix coating prior to the buttercream?? I think you need to have this when making a purse cake, is it?? please help!!! thank you! forum is very very helpful!
you are incredible!!! thank you so much!!!!
I find all these comments very helpful, but I can't understand what to do to get a smooth side on my cakes. I usually do 4" tall, two layers of 2" each, but the division always do you do to make it so smooth?? please help!! thanks a lot!
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