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Seller is inagebyroberts2 on eBay.
There is a great seller on EBay that you can order the clear acrylic rounds from. I can't recall the sellers name now but Mayen from Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen orders from him and recommended him. I've ordered some circles and been very pleased. I'll look for the name.
You're welcome! I'm dying to try those cutters as well.
It might be Gateaux. They have a mermaid/trumpet style and a ball gown set. Does that sound familiar?
MBalasta- what white chocolate did you use? I've been trying my hand at modeling chocolate as well recently. Thanks!
I ended up ordering one fo them from their UK shop. Maybe taht will get here sooner.   We'll see.   Thanks!
Thanks! I have emailed the company twice and messaged them on facebook. It's a pity- I like the designs of their molds more than the onesby Cake Lace :(
Oh dear. i wish I could. I had to re-bake all teh cakes becuse i did not have anough and then they all split on me. unfortunately I was unable to do the cake. :(
I am in the states (Delaware) and have emailed them twice with no response. I'm back and forth between their product and Cake lace by Claire Bowman in England (I think that will get here sooner). I wanted to use it on a small birthday /Halloween cake on 10/31.   Thanks!
I want to try my hand at making lace for a birthday/Halloween cake for my mom. Has anyone tried these brands? How easy are they to use? Even more important, how do they taste? I'd be looking at making a blackest lace or orange, so if you've tried them, are they easy to color? (I know Cake Lace has a ore-made black) Thank you!
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