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Is there anyone in or around St. Augustine Florida that could make some Flat Stanley cookies?My mom is looking for Flat Stanley cookies in the area to take to an elementary school...Thanks in advance!
I have to agree..."oh boy"! Just recently, I've had several people inquire about cakes, stating they need "this" size. I then ask how many people they need to feed and it all goes out the window.
I've used the Wilton whitening pretty good. It takes quite a bit to turn white, but at the very least, it does lighten it up enough to not look so yellow. It goes fast, too.
Someone asked me what tip i used - I used the Wilton #32 tip for mine. It seemed like the 1M tip, just not as big.
Thanks ladies! And thanks for the tip on the "message pick"! I'm heading out this morning to look for pots to use! I live in a new neighborhood - houses being built all over - and need some to make for the newbies moving in!
Just wanted to post my 2 bouquets. The pink one is made from mini cupcakes, the yellow are regular sized. I think I like the mini one's better. I like seeing the photos - gives me ideas for future ones!
Thanks Joolz! Just trying to keep myself upbeat! LOLOLOL!!!Any word on when it will be here? I am not a patient person! I did one this morning with mini-cupcakes in a rectangular pot for my DD's teacher. I'll post that soon. Came out pretty cute, I thought.
I did Buzz from the Little Hero pan. Not really great, as it was one of my first, but my then 2 yr old knew who it was!
Oh thank you thank you thank you! I am so ready to make these! New neighbors, teachers, moms....I thought they'd be a cute gift!
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