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I did not have a clue about it until recently. How can you get that permission? Where?
I will be making 2 tier cake for first birthday. I tried to find some inspirations with no luck, except 2-3 cakes. I  just cannot picture it in my head. Something cute, girlie but with potatoes on it. :) Any ideas?
I was just wondering what else do you use to keep your cake moist or make them moist. I was going to try coffee creamers with different flavors but I am not sure if it is good idea or not.
Wow! I cannot believe that I could make so much on it in real world...But, in the area where I live, people do not get that making cake take time and that there is also lots of things you need to actually make it.I was thinking about doing 10-8-6 plus 4 inch cupcake on the top. I used Earlene's serving chart so I did not think it will be tons of cake.I was thinking about charging $2 per serving, but I was not sure if that is not too much.It really frustrates me. I had a...
Yes, it is.
Hi! I am new to this forum but I really love this website. I do have a question for bakers with more experiences than me. I will be baking a cake just like the one in Wilton magazine - Candy Land cake and I was wondering how much should I ask for it? I want to be fair to my customer and to be fair to me as well. I am not a baker yet, I am more of hobby baker. That cake should serve to about 70 people.Please let me know. Thanks for any help.
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