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I tried that. I'd would just be using it for cake shapes and design, so I want instructions more specific to cakes.
I saw a post on here about Google Sketchup with some fantastic cake design sketches. I downloaded the program to help me design cakes, since I can't draw. Well, I can't figure out how to use it. Is there someone who can give me some "Sketchup for Dummies" tips? Or...come up with a user friendly software to help me? Thanks!
I'm wondering the same thing myself! I just printed out edible photos, but need to put them on white fondant. And then I'm not sure if I should do it right away, or just before putting on the cake?
I just bought a Canon MG5220 for $65 at Walmart and edible inks and paper from I'm VERY happy with how nice the photos turned out! I printed out my first photos today and they look just like regular photos, but with a matte finish!! I totally recommend icing images!
Wow! You did a wonderful job! Way to go!!
I just tried painting luster dust onto buttercream this week and it worked. You can also use vanilla extract or lemon juice. I don't have vodka laying around.
Maybe just a stacked cake in his favorite flavor instead of a theme is what he'll like best. I can imagine it wouldn't be as exciting for you; not being able to do a more creative style cake.
I've been wondering about that myself. I've been looking online, and the only one I've seen that has a little potential, is the wedding cake one-although I don't want to spend that much money on it. I saw some great computer drawings that this talented cake artist named Jessicakes uses-but she has AutoCad, and that looks like something really difficult for me to use! I hope someone on here knows about one!
Thanks for your response! I do want it to look classy, but I can't figure out a way to incorporate the ideas AND make it look good! I thought about making this more of a "fun" cake, since they'll already have a classy wedding cake...KWIM? But If I made it a two tier, it would class it up, and then I could pipe a few shamrocks on the cake...Can you tell I'm a little overwhelmed?!
I'm a beginning decorator and I offered to make my brother-in-law's grooms cake. Here's what I'm thinking: He loves Irish music, photography, hiking. I'm thinking of making a shamrock shaped cake with heart cake pans and the stem cut out of a sheet cake. I want to write the logos of his favorite irish bands out of chocolate or frozen buttercream transfers-I've tried the transfers and think it could work. My main question is this: How do you think I should incorporate...
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