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Thank u all. My layers are about 1.5 inches thick. I just wasn't sure since I usually do just two layers. So I was checking with the experts thanks again.
I have a client who wants a THREE layer 14" cake. It seems to me, like the cake (with filling & frosting) may be too heavy to support itsself. Can this be done without supports?
@ KHalstead Thank you so much!! I have to use this pan this weekend and I will definitely use your technique.   @ remnant3333 I tried adding the link where I found suggestions for uses of the pan, but I was unable to. But here is how I hound it: Go to On the left margin, scroll down to "pans". Click "people, dolls, etc". you will see the Magic Mold cake pan. Click on "Ideas Galore". The page that opens will have 15 different Ideas you can use the...
I just started using the Wilton Wonder Mold cake pan. I love the shape & all you can do with it! But, I've used different recipes and my cakes tend to be dry (only when I use this pan). I think it because the cake has to cook so long before its done. Even though the instuctions say "bake 50-60 minutes", i have to bake my cake about 1 hour & 45 minutes before its done. Has anyone else experienced this? And does anyone have any suggestions to alleviate this problem?
Thank you both of the ideas. I actually completed the cake last night. please look at the pix & let me know what you think. TFL
Help!?!?! I was asked to make a cake that combined a card party, 2 birthdays (1 male & 1 female) & Thanksgiving....and did I mention she wants it to be funny? Oh ya, I almost forgot, she emailed me pictures of the birthday ppl. So I have to put their pictures somewhere on the cake.If anyone has ANY ideas/suggestions I would GREATLY appriciate it.Kadee
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