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ACCORDING TO VA CODE 3.1-398.1  Private homes where the resident processes and prepares candies, jams, jellies not considered to be low-acid or acidified low-acid food products and baked goods that do not require time or temperature control after preparation if such products are: (i) sold to an individual for his own consumption and not for resale; (ii)  sold at the private home or at farmers market and labeled " NOT FOR RESALE-- PROCESSED AND PREPARED WITHOUT STATE...
great information and ideas. Good luck  
I will start giving myself a time frame , it's a great idea. 
You could use the WASC  method for the cake , it would give you a more dense cake. Just use chocolate mix. As for the frosting, i've never heard of it.
i would use pvc pipe, the legs & arm holding the bowls might be rkt. Anmnewlin1 has a picture of the support they used for their scooby doo cake on here.
hi, there is a class on craftsy that teaches how to make a structure for cakes like this. it might be on sale for $19.99.  
hi,i don' t use the mat. however i use a silicone mat to roll my fondant out on then lift it up, and place on cake. then pill the mat off.
The snakes are great!!!. How do you shape it the get the look?
I need help with an cake idea for 5 people( 3 males and 2 females)all are adults but one male,he turns 5 on valentines day.She just wants a small sheet cake with buttercream, a little detail and their names.thanks for any help.
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