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I was in the middle of making frosting and I noticed my Wilton's clear vanilla has a brown tint. Does this mean its unsafe to use? I tried to search for an answer on the web but could not find an answer. Thank you in advance
Thank you Delicious desserts!!!
I'm trying to make Burgundy / maroon fondant for a car cake for my brother's 40th. I bought AmeriColor gels in the Burgundy shade however, when I mix it with the fondant I'm only getting bright purple. I tried adding black but it's still just a bright purple. Any advice on how to get a burgundy or maroon color. Should I add more black ? or add more burgundy? Would it be better to buy red fondant and mix it with black? Any advice would be great.
Thanks  shanter...I think I'll have to do that instead.....Thank you for your reply:
I've searched all over looking for an airplane tutorial (I've tried comming up with my own idea but my husband keeps telling me my plane looks like a fish:(      I 'm making cupcakes for a relative going into the airforce and thought little airplane toppers would look nice. If anyone has a plane tutorial I would greatly appreciate the help....thank you!
I'll be visiting Cary North Carolina this week and just wanted to know if there are any supply stores in the area.( We only have a A C Moore and Michael's in my hometown. )Thank you
Thanks so much last question I found the WASC recipe on CC Do I still add the vanilla and almond extract?
I've been asked to make a transit bus for a party this weekend. (This is my first cake for someone other than family). The person wants it to be funfetti cake and I'm not sure if it will be durable enough. It will probably be 3 layers of cake plus it will be covered in fondant. I've never baked this cake before nor have Ieven tasted it. Please let me know if this cake mix will not work..I would hate to waste the time baking and decorating just to have it fall over. Plus...
That's great ....congrats
I enjoy making bread, cinnamon buns, ice cream,cookies, pasta sauce, and I just learned how to make truffles. The community college here offers fun one day courses and truffle making was one of much fun! Also, my husband and I just tried canning for the first easy. I plan on canning everything next year
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