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Great thanks for your help:)! I will give both a go!
HI I have made some candy melt lego men and just wondered if it is possible to attach these to cookies flooded with royal icing or will the icing be adversely effected? It is for a cookie bouquet and it could be hot here just to make it even more tricky
Clearly I totally misread what you said - your only intention was to offer assistance. Done x
I was extremely offended that you implied that I didn't value the advice already given or the time taken by the people who responded and was out searching for more improved answers. I asked again because I had read loads of buttercream threads and recipes and was confused! I posted on the recipe forum because once I was pulled up for posting the wrong question on the wrong forum. I was particularly insulted that you questioned my manners when I have always thanked people...
Great thanks so much again for your time Lena very helpful!
oh wow thank you so much that must have taken forever to type! It clears up a lot of confusion I have had about how to use copha as a substitute I have tried to make one before but didn't know about melting it and ended up with lumps! Thank you both for your suggestions I really do value the help!
That would be great thanks Lena 87!
Thanks again drive me batty. I can see how people would become frustrated if newbies are intentionally being that rude but I wasn't I was just desperate and panicking that furby would be a flop as my 4 year old daughter is so excited! Now I'm of to make my new buttercream recipe with a dash of violet and I promise not to reprimand you if I stuff it up!
sorry drive me batty just found your new reply we must have been writing at the same time! Thank you so much for being so helpful and patient and this time I am not being in the least bit sarcastic ha! I will get into the link away. I hope I didn't offend you as much as I clearly did delicious deserts if I did it certainly wasn't intentional x
thank you for your great advice I will give them all a go!
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