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Yeah, still waiting here! I paid for mine on December 15th, 2013. Maybe they're going in order of purchased. Then again, who knows, it's not like they tell us! 😡
#1 cake on Cake Central today and finally seeing my cake in a book that I thought would never be, my day has been made!!
Ok, I'm a believer! I just hope I get to see it in my actual hands at some point!! Lol! You're too sweet! ;o)
Ok, so I'm selfish, I vote to turn it to the page my cake is on???? Lol! Of course, I have no idea what page that is??
SERIOUSLY???? I better see mine soon!!
This is starting to get absolutely ridiculous!!!  My problem is honestly not with the delay of the book, it's with them taking my money yet never even communicating with me about when it's supposed to come out???  They took my money back in December!  I bought the book because it will contain one of my cakes in it.  I've emailed them multiple times with no response!  Argh!!!!!  So unbelievably frustrated!  When paying with paypal, most companies don't even make the charge...
Ok, so first read the below article. Now I'm just curious, I've posted cakes on here that I've made that are obvious characters. I did so knowing that some images are copyrighted. If I stop making licensed characters today, what keeps them from coming after me for past cakes? Just curious what other people's thoughts are on this.
That's a great thought to poke the holes.  I've had a big huge bubble that grew and grew!  You're right!  They like to spread!  Lol!
Well, I guess it's a question for the magazine!!! Lololol!
I'm a self-taught decorator and have been decorating for over 15 years.  I'm still baffled though by buttercream air bubbles??  Every time I watch tutorials on icing cakes, they always are icing cakes that are chilled.  I prefer to ice a cake that's chilled, but when I use my buttercream to ice a chilled cake, if the cake sits out for any length of time, I will get at least one huge bubble that forms.  I make my own icing using high-ratio shortening, is this the reason?...
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